PUBLISHED: 4:34 PM on Wednesday, May 2, 2007
A 'Jack' of all trades

  John "Jack" Hermle
Do You Know Jack About Juneau?

John Hermle does. Of course, all his friends call him Jack. And yes, Jack knows something about life in Juneau, Alaska. Born and raised in Juneau, he has spent a lifetime capturing images of the old and new.

Jack's photographs of both Douglas Bridges side by side caught a moment in time. His images of the derelict boats lining the shores of Auke Bay protected their memory before tides and beachcombers picked them clean. He even has images of the largest traffic jam in Juneau history taken at the end of North Douglas Highway where cars and people crowded the road to watch the air show.

New and old Juneauites can take a peek into the past through Jack's camera lense. As the Juneau Artists Gallery's featured artist in May, Jack will have his work for all to see, even those who may have missed his acclaimed show at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum this last month. The best part is now you can have a piece of history for yourself.

Courtesy photo
  John "Jack" Hermle was a founding member of what is now the Juneau Artists Gallery, and has photographed landscapes and nature.
Upon high school graduation, his gift was a camera. From that point on, photography was his thing. He studied photography in New York City, then returned to Alaska to work creatively with the wild and beautiful setting that is Southeast Alaska.

"My very first 35mm camera was an Argus C3," said Jack. "When I showed it to a professional photographer with a very professional Hasselblad he said, 'Primitive'. However, I got some good photographs with it."

Some of Jack's aerials were recorded with a medium format camera with a larger film area, although most of his work has been with 35mm film cameras. "No, I haven't yet gone digital. However, most of my prints are now digitally scanned and printed."

Golden Bridge is a beautiful framed photograph by Jack. It depicts the old Juneau-Douglas Bridge that has since been replaced by a newer, more modern one. Jack explains that many old timers have fond memories of this bridge from years gone by.

"I've found it interesting and worthwhile to capture scenes in and around our community from year to year. There are many things that I'm afraid I've missed," said Jack. "Unfortunately it is hard to record scenes of just about everything considering our busy lifestyles."

Jack is retired from the State of Alaska. His was a founding member of what is now the Juneau Artists Gallery. He has photographed weddings, landscapes and nature.

Wherever the winter winds or summer breezes may take Jack it is certain his lense will take his friends as well.

Locals and visitors can find Jack's photography year round at the Juneau Artists Gallery along side almost 30 other local artists in the Senate Mall Building on South Franklin in downtown Juneau.