PUBLISHED: 1:50 PM on Wednesday, April 30, 2008
12-year-old rescues two kids from freezing pond
Quick thinking from a 12-year-old boy and his friend saved the lives of two other children who fell into a freezing pond.

Tristian Dyakanoff, 12, was playing in his backyard on Thursday when he heard screams from a nearby pond near the Valley's Mendenhall Boulevard. He and his friend ran to see if someone was in need of help and found a girl and her younger brother who had fallen through the ice.

"He kicked off his shoes and threw off his coat," said his mother Celeste Dyakanoff. "He was able to pull her younger brother out but as he tried to help the girl, he was being pulled in too, and said, 'hold on' and ran back to our house to get a rope, while his friend called 911."

Tristian was able to retrieve the girl with the rope. The safe and cold kids were met by police and someone passing by provided blankets for the kids.

"I'm just really proud of him," Celeste said. "If they weren't there and if they hadn't reacted so quickly, those kids would have been in a lot of trouble."

The two rescued kids were brought to the hospital and were fine besides being cold. Celeste said when she got home from work just after it had happened she saw their wet footprints and was suspicious.

"Every year we kick them off the pond and say 'its not safe,'" she said. "He told me that he had ... rescued the other kids. The girls younger brother had fallen in and she went to save him and fell in too," Celeste said.

According to Celeste, the community pulled together and helped the best they could, though it is a sharp reminder of what can happen when the ice is unstable.

"The kids are all fine, but when I went to pick up their wet clothes I thought, 'wow, they must have been freezing'. Tristian didn't sleep well last night, and he has some cuts and bruises from the ice, but he is fine," Celeste said. "I'm just glad they were there."