PUBLISHED: 1:47 PM on Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Juneau's Sunny Point construction resumes
Traffic pattern will switch in May or June
JUNEAU - With the passing of winter weather, construction on the Sunny Point Intersection has resumed according to Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) officials here.

The Sunny Point project contractor, SECON Inc, is focusing its initial construction activities on the embankment and bridges that were constructed last fall by preparing them and making them safe for traffic.

"We intend to switch the traffic pattern to the inbound side of the project by late May or even early June," said Soc Kreuzenstein, an engineering manager with the DOT&PF Southern Region here.

The traffic switch will take place after the completion of retaining walls, a bridge rail, a guardrail, highway lighting and paving.

According to Kreuzenstein, the traffic switch will be phased with the Egan Drive inbound lanes moving first.

Once traffic is shifted to the inbound side of the project, the last two bridges and remaining utility and drainage work will be completed. This will allow construction of the remaining embankments and retaining walls on the north side of the project.

Newspaper and radio notices will be submitted by the contractor as this effort becomes imminent and exact traffic-shift dates are known.

In conjunction with the Sunny Point intersection construction, upgrades to culverts and the roadway on Glacier Highway between Wal-Mart and the DOT&PF seven mile complex are slated for this month or possibly May.

"Efforts will be made to maintain pedestrian traffic on the north side of Glacier Highway complete with two-way vehicular traffic during this effort," Kreuzenstein explained.

By late summer, bridges are expected to be completed at Sunny Point. At that time, motorists can expect to begin using the new Sunny Drive approach. This will occur as the concrete sound-rail barrier is installed along the south side of the project and the existing temporary access to Sunny Drive is closed.

Also by late summer, the new Glacier Highway traffic signal on the West Valley Access Road should be operable.

SECON expects to have the project substantially complete by October 31, 2008. This would mean the public would begin using the new facility and all safety features would be in place. Project completion is scheduled for May 15, 2009. This will allow for completion of the landscaping, seeding and general clean up.

"We also want to remind the traveling public to obey the posted 45 mph maximum speed limit through the construction zone," Kreuzenstein said. "The difference in time between 45 mph and 55 mph, to traverse the project through the construction zone, is roughly 18 seconds."