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Second annual Channel Islands Marine Park Marine Park debris clean-up to be held May 2 042909 OUTDOORS 2 Capital City Weekly CCW Staff Report

Photo By Mihael Blikshteyn

Mark Anderson, left, and his sister, Carol Anderson, participate in the 2008 marine debris clean-up.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Story last updated at 4/29/2009 - 10:44 am

Second annual Channel Islands Marine Park Marine Park debris clean-up to be held May 2

CCW Staff Report

In 2008, Turning The Tides (TTT), a local environmental education organization, organized the first Channel Islands Marine Park marine debris clean-up. Event participants collected over 600 pounds of marine and other debris from the islands in the park. There are 7,700 acres of land on these islands and some shorelines collect a large amount of marine debris.

TTT has begun planning for the second annual Channel Islands Marine Park marine debris clean-up which will be held on Saturday, May 2. The goal is to expand the clean up and collect a half ton of trash or more.

Last year, 420 pounds of trash were collected from Lincoln Island alone. Another 200 pounds were collected from North and Benjamin Islands. Much of the trash was plastic: fragments, tarps, bags, detergent bottles, buckets and automobile oil containers. Other items found included tires, styrofoam, shot gun shells, fishing nets, chairs, aluminum cans, tractor engines, metal spikes and cables, fuel containers, broken boat hulls, a hot tub liner and more.

In order to make this year's event as successful as possible, TTT is looking for as many community volunteers as possible, especially volunteers with boats. If you don't have a boat but still wish to volunteer, meet at Auke Bay and a boat ride to the islands will be provided.

For more information or if you wish to volunteer, please contact Bob Sylvester at hikeak@yahoo.com.

For more information about Turning The Tides, visit turningthetides.org.