PUBLISHED: 3:59 PM on Wednesday, April 25, 2007
University of Alaska Southeast awards seven new scholarships
Seven students at the University of Alaska Southeast will receive a total of $15,500 in educational scholarships from Southeast Conference for the 2007-2008 school year, included are four students from Juneau, one from Ketchikan, one from Sitka, and one from Wrangell.

Scholarship winners included Juneau students Jensyne Mason, David Paradis, Micaela Ponce, and Elizabeth Stickel; Ketchikan student Dollee F. Enright; Sitka student George Jackson; and Wrangell student Cassandra Huffman.

Awards ranged from $500 or $3,000 for these students who are pursuing college degrees and vocational training for continuing education study.

Southeast Conference, in partnership with the University of Alaska Southeast, established its scholarship program with the original donation made by Alaska Airlines in the amount of $25,000, to support residents of the region as they pursue educational and career goals consistent with the organization's objectives

The scholarship program encourages traditional and non-traditional students to apply and applications are available at the University Financial Aid office at each campus. Applications are due by February of each year.

The 2007 recipients ranged in ages from 20 to 33 years of age.

Since its scholarship program began, Southeast Conference has awarded over $115,000 in scholarships to over 130 students attending the University of Alaska Southeast campuses. The scholarship auction held at the Annual Meeting in Ketchikan last September brought in over $11,000 to help fund this year's scholarships

SEC is a regional membership non-profit focused on building a strong economy, healthy communities, and a quality environment in Southeast Alaska.

It has more than 140 members, including boroughs, communities, chambers of commerce, businesses, non-profits, Alaska Native organizations, and individuals interested in the economic and social well being of the residents of the region.