PUBLISHED: 10:44 AM on Thursday, April 24, 2008
Welcome to the Spring King Salmon Derby
Spring time is here again and that means one thing to true-blooded Alaskans: It's time to fish!

The race to catch the biggest king salmon will begin May 1 when the 11th annual Spring King Salmon Derby begins. Anglers from across Southeast will compete for bragging rights, cash prizes and the chance to call themself the derby's top angler.

As usual, proceeds from the derby will go toward the Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program of the Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska.

Since the derby began in 1997, more than $250,000 has gone toward scholarships for native Alaskans, with last year's all-time high of $37,500 split among 75 people.

I've spoken with officials from Tlingit and Haida and Alaska's Department of Fisheries about the new salmon quota and each said with confidence that the stricter quota should have little impact on this year's derby. In fact, they said if anglers can land one large king per day (the quota) then they're doing pretty good compared to the average fisherman.

But before you lift anchor or head to your favorite bank, keep a few things in mind:

• Always carry the necessary first-aid and safety equipment (especially for those of you on a boat). If you're boating, file a float plan.

• Carry your Alaska fishing license and stamps at all times (unless your legally entitled to fish without either).

• Always follow derby rules.

In the following pages we outlines derby regulations, offer fishing tips, weigh station locations, and Alaskan Brewing Company has kindly offered recipes to cook your prize salmon. And if you catch a whopper be sure to send us your photo at

With that said: Be safe, have fun and best of luck!