PUBLISHED: 4:57 PM on Wednesday, April 23, 2008
What will you do to conserve energy due to the recent increase in energy rates?

"-Last night we read by the light of a hurricane lamp. Also, changed all bulbs to compact flourescents, unplugged everything we don't need and will now hang dry clothes." - Scott Carrlee

"Keep my lights off!" - Angie Walker

"We wouldn't change much because we've always been pretty conservative in our energy use." -John Delagado, owner of Urban Eskimo

"I am going to run an extension cord from a out of town neighbors house down the street... they're gone for the summer. Have to have humor, in serious times. Yes this is a joke." -Brandon (online response)

"I bought energy efficient light bulbs and unplug what isn't needed." - Elizabeth Dahl

"Unplug everything that wasn't necessary, but its pretty hard when you're living in an all electric building." -Joan Harju