PUBLISHED: 4:58 PM on Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Journal offers creative outlet
Tidal Echoes publishes Southeast-wide work for second straight year
The editors, faculty and staff of UAS, not to mention writers and artists of Southeast have done it again. Tidal Echoes, the literary journal of Southeast Alaska, features 35 contributors from Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka and Craig.

This year's issue includes art and an interview with Ketchikan's own Ray Troll and nationally acclaimed Tlingit poet Nora Daunhauer, who gave a reading at the launch party on April 19.

"I think (Tidal Echoes) is pretty unique because ... it's not just a Juneau journal, it's not just a UAS thing," said senior editor Loren Bettridge. "It's important to have. There are a lot of creative people in Southeast. Its important for them to have a place to see their work and be represented."

This is the second year Tidal Echoes was published as a journal of Southeast; the first four years it was solely a UAS student publication, though 25 percent of the journal is still designated to university students, according to Bettridge.

"We are all very geographically separated," said Associate English professor Emily Wall. "But we share so much as small communities, and it's a way to bring our experiences together and think about the place that we live."

The publication is funded entirely by the university, through a grant from Chancellor John Pugh.

The journal also serves as an opportunity for English majors to acquire internships.

"This is my second year doing it and the opportunity came up for me to move from junior editor to senior editor this year. Emily insisted I stick around," Bettridge laughed.

Junior editor Josh Carter also gained credits for hard work on the journal. Between the two of them they spent about 300 hours on it.

"It's definitely helped me, I want to go into publishing one day, editing especially, so this has helped me see how hectic it is and how the process really works," Carter said.

The faculty, staff and students have altogether spent about 500 hours of work on the journal.

"I think that if we continue to have the amount of support and contributions coming in that it could become a biannual journal instead of annual," Bettridge said.

Tidal Echoes will be available for sale at Hearthside Books locations and the UAS bookstore for $5 a copy.