PUBLISHED: 5:16 PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2005
First Pillars of America Speaker: Eight minutes changed Waddle's life forever

Eight minutes changed Navy Commander Scott Waddle's life forever. Waddle was in command of a Navy nuclear attack submarine that collided with a Japanese fishing boat in February 2001, killing nine men and boys. Waddle was taken before a military court of inquiry and eventually forced out of the Navy. Waddle, who told his story in the book "The Right Thing."

When Waddle stood in front of the military court, he took the route of honor, not finding excuses or trying to shirk responsibility, but, against the advice of his lawyers, showing his deep remorse, he took complete responsibility for what happened, and offered a sincere apology to the families of the killed.

Waddle's pursuit of integrity against all odds makes him an inspiring speaker for anybody facing difficult choices in their life.

Waddle is the first speaker in this year's "Pillars of America Freedom Series" brought to Juneau by the Glacier Valley Rotary Club, and speaks at Centennial Hall on Wednesday, April 20, at noon.