PUBLISHED: 5:19 PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2005
American Red Cross of Alaska honors 2005 Real Heroes at awards breakfast
Seven Southeast residents in four categories were among the 2005 Real Heroes honored at a American Red Cross of Alaska breakfast on April 19. The Southeast Real Heroes were:

• Adult Good Samaritan: Scott Logan, Skagway

•ogan's CPR training was crucial in saving the life of motorist Dan LeBlanc, who had flipped over his bike in the sand dunes, breaking his neck and leaving him paralyzed.ELogan rushed to help, and provided CPR and rescue breathing until an ambulance arrived 45 minutes later.

• Youth Good Samaritan: Charlotte Brown, Juneau

Brown, 11, was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair after an auto accident in 2001. Since then, she has launched numerous projects and fundraisers, including her own non-profit: the Alaska Glitter Girls. Pushing her wheelchair through rain and snow, Charlotte brightens the lives of those she touches with her desire "to inspire people."

• Marine Rescue Award:E Crew of the 'Fish Tales' Todd Miller, Kelly Pellett, Jensen Yocum, Sitka

Three friends on a hunting trip last December responded to a mayday call 25 miles north of Sitka in some of the most violent water they had ever seen. "When you hear somebody screaming like that over the radio, you stop thinking and focus on getting them out of the water," said Pellett. Bracing 45 knot winds and 5-7 foot seas, these self-less men became heroes of Sitka.E

• Community Safety Award: Peter and Sarah Carter, Juneau

Peter and Sarah Carter were awoken on a cold January night by frantic screaming coming from the waters of Auke Bay outside their home.

The couple called 911, then gathered rope and life vests, and ran to the dock, where they were able to pull a man ashore after finding him by the light of a flashlight. Certified in CPR and First Aid, the Carters administered the proper medical care until the emergency responders arrived.