PUBLISHED: 5:19 PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2005
J. Kevin Curry releases light-hearted book on Alaskan fishing & hunting
J. Kevin Curry's "Rip Some Lips" rolls off the presses and into the hands of fisherman, hunters, adventurers and the ones who love them despite their madness starting on April 15th.

"For years my wife and I had dreamt of fishing in Alaska. Sure we could fish and hunt down south but there was a burning desire to risk life and limb to catch or hunt something that might just end up having us for lunch instead!" says Curry.

This is Curry's second release with Author House and his first in the self-revealing style of the Gonzo Sportsmen. "Rip Some Lips" is heavy with the scent of self-deprecating humor, the highest regard for nature's mighty beasts and a healthy dose of gut-splitting social irreverence.

Curry is joined on his adventures by Cindy, his wife of 17 years. In some of his most poignant moments he is joined by kin from down south. After all, "The family that slays together stays together."

Every year for five years Kevin and Cindy went to the Denver International Sportsmen Expo and lusted after the monstrous salmon and barn door halibut, finally it dawned on them!

"Yeah we could spend a month's wages on a two week fishing trip or we could spend a month's wages and just move there!"

You can tell from this collection of fish tales they've never looked back. They now call Juneau home and have earned the right to be called Alaskan as well as a few other choice things.

Curry's "Rip Some Lips" is available at local bookstores, Alaskana shops and through, as well as through