Briefly describe your business.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Story last updated at 4/18/2012 - 11:10 am

Making Local Work: Paradise Beach Tanning and Travel Salon

Briefly describe your business.

We are Juneau's premier tanning and accessory salon; your one-stop shop to hit before you head out of town.

When did your business begin? Did you see a niche to fill - is there a story behind it?

We opened Dec. 1, 2006. I have always thought that tanning and travel go hand in hand. I have been a home-based travel agent for Cyndi's Cruise and Travel for the last 10 years. Everyone travels in the winter to someplace warm. Why not have tanning and travel together? I can help book your vacations and help you prepare your skin for that sunny getaway. People are always looking for swimsuits, flip flops, cover ups and so much more before they go, so I thought adding all the accessories was a great idea. You can purchase beachwear all year long at Paradise Beach, "Where the sun is always shining".

What is you business's mission, and how do you work to achieve this?

Our mission it to service the community with great customer service. We want to help people get there vitamin D and to feel great year-round.

Do you provide service to all of Southeast Alaska?

I only service all of Southeast when they come to Juneau. I do have a website with my information at You can email me at if there is anything from my salon that you need. I have shipped out my Glow on the Go product in the past - this is my tan in a can, which is all natural and organic.

What are your biggest triumphs?

We purchased a mobile air-brush tanning unit. We wanted a high quality product, so we purchased one made by Infinity Sun. It is an anti-aging, all natural sunless tanner made with antioxidants and pure botanicals that leave your skin radiant with a natural-looking golden brown glow. If you can't come to us then we can come to you.

I also purchased the first high-pressure tanning bed in Juneau. This bed tans you 10 times faster with less then 1 percent of the burning rays. Your chance of burning is virtual none. You are laying on a mattress and flip over halfway through. Since you lay on a mattress and not the cold acrylic, you do not get pressure point marks. For this bed you go three to four times either every day or every other day and then just two times a month to maintain that great color. Because you are not exposed to the burning rays (UVB) your skin does not exfoliate as often so you are going to maintain your tan longer.

What work practices do you try and maintain in order to serve the community?

I try and donate and help out whenever and how ever I can. I keep my prices low and run specials as often as I can.

What might encourage local residents to visit your business, rather than ordering something on the internet?

We are smart tan certified and have a very friendly and well-educated staff. People like to be able to try swim suits on rather then having to mail-order three or four different ones.

What are your favorite things about your business?

I love working with the public and hearing about everyone's vacations that they are going on or just came back from. I feel that my salon has a very happy feeling to it.

Are there any interesting facts or information that the community might not know about your business?

Along with being a tanning salon I am also a full service travel agent. We sell beachwear year-round along with a lot of other neat handmade things. We do hair feathers, and hair shimmers. We sell flower clips, hand-made hair ties and so much more. Stop by and see what's new.

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