PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM on Wednesday, April 18, 2007
What kind of cookie best represents your personality and why?

"I would be no-bake cookies because even though they look nasty they're really sweet." - Rachael Dahl

"Chocolate chip cookie, it's your classic all around kinda cookie." - Corey Bigelow*

"Snickerdoodle: Sugar and spice and everything nice. Enough said." - Lucinda Wright*

"The oatmeal cookies from Subway! I like when there nice and goowy and have cinnamon in them, or if my mom makes them of course. - Emily Bigelow*

"I would be a sugar cookie because I'm plain and sweet" - Valerie Welch

"Chocolate chip and M&M: Some cookie, some candy, a lil of this, a lil of that and it's perfect for when I'm playing my video games!" - Jeremy Fink*