PUBLISHED: 3:53 PM on Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Pangea Clothing and Gifts acquires new owner

  Cena Martin
Cena Martin announces her purchase of Pangea Clothing and Gifts in Petersburg. The purchase of Pangea, after more than seven years of ownership by Margaret Harris, has been in the works since February. Martin said she is excited to finally be in the last stages of taking over the business.

"I feel very lucky to have been presented this opportunity, and I will work my hardest to accommodate the wishes and needs of my old and new customers alike," Martin said. A major change is a new name for the store. "At first, Margaret planned on opening her new store with the same name, and I knew I wanted something all my own. After many nights laying awake at night, I finally decided on Lux Boutique. A lux is a measuring unit of illumination, so it seemed a fitting name for what will be a bright little spot on a sometimes dark little island," Martin said.

Lux Boutique will continue to carry women's apparel, accessories and

jewelry, and Martin plans to add makeup, shoes, men's apparel and expanding the adult section. She also would like to see a wireless Internet spot available in the back of the store, with a couch for a comfortable hangout spot.

Lux Boutique will be located at 210 N Nordic Drive in Petersburg.