PUBLISHED: 5:32 PM on Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Are you ready for the upcoming tourist season? What are you the most/least excited for?

"I'm excited for summer in general, sunny days, all the people that come through. The tourists from other countries are exciting to talk to." - Jamie Batton

"I'm least excited for the lack of cell phone service...The tourists come to town and use up all our cell phone lines." - Cierra Kendrick

"I am ready, I'm excited for the restaurants downtown to open, because I'm hungy and tired of McDonald's!" -Stanley Jacobus

"It helps the entire community, more busy days will be good." - Marilyn Josephson

"I'm least excited for the people who walk out into the street when you're trying to drive. I'm most excited for the shops to open up." - Amanda Easterly

"Yes, I'm excited to see new faces, meet friendly people from all over and see where people come from. And lots of new places will open up." -Ramona Rivera