PUBLISHED: 5:32 PM on Wednesday, April 16, 2008
At the Senior Center
- Valley 463-6175 -

Contract Bridge, Mon & Wed, 1-4pm.

Low Impact Exercise, M-W-F, 10am.

Art As You Like It, Fri, 1:30pm.

Sewing Circle, Tues, 10am-4pm.


- Juneau 463-6175 -

Ceramics, Wed, 10am-2:30pm.

Low Impact Exercise, M-W-F, 10am.

Breath and Stretch, Tues./Thurs. 10-11am.

Pinochle Games, Thurs, 1pm.

Cribbage, Fri, 7pm.

Stitch & Knit, Tues, 12:45pm.

The Art Circle, Thurs, 9-11:30am. Bring your own supplies and spend time being creative! Contact Lee for more information 780-6150