PUBLISHED: 1:41 PM on Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Letter to the Editor
Dear CCW:
Hello citizens of Alaska!

83% of Alaskan taxpayers voted not to touch the Perma-nent Fund, on Sept. 14, 1999. Today, Senate Bill No. 98 is on the way for the Governor's signature. The legislature, including Kenai Peninsula legislators, Rep. Seaton, Rep. Chenault, Rep.Olson and Sen. Waggoner all voted along their party line to invade our Permanent Fund earnings. This is "in your face" dictatorship, against the will of the voters of Alaska. Promises of politicians before elections and then ignoring the will of the people after the election is wrong. Do their promises mean nothing?

The financial resources of Alaska belong to the people.EI may spend the money better than the politicians, and certainly not for their pork barrel projects. If we do nothing, we deserve whatever the politicians may throw our way.

Alaskans speak up! Write or call the Governor and our politicians in Juneau. As a free American veteran, I will speak my piece regardless of political connotations. EOur legislators need to remember who they were elected to represent.

Rocky Frank

Anchor Point