PUBLISHED: 1:42 PM on Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Rescuers from above

SITKA - A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka Jayhawk helicopter crew circles the Alaska Marine Highways Systems ferry Kennicott on the morning of March 30 before airlifting 69-year-old Garland Teich 65-miles northwest of Cape Spencer.

The helicopter crew traveled 140 nautical miles northwest of Sitka to conduct hoist operations with the ferry. On scene conditions included 30-knot winds, rain showers and 10-to-15 foot, making a normally routine mission more challenging due to the ship's pitching deck. The Coast Guard crew lowered rescue swimmer, Petty Officer Jason Shepard, and health services technician, Petty Officer Jeff Schaffnit to the Kennicott's deck. Flight Mechanic Petty Officer Karl Schickle lowered the pair to access the patient's condition and prepare him for hoisting.