PUBLISHED: 2:55 PM on Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Women In Business
Tonya Mauldin, NorthStar Designer Outlet

  Tonya Mauldin
Tonya Mauldin owns NorthStar Outlet, which offers brand new first quality clothing at 30-90 percent off of the original retail prices.

When stores and designers order clothes for manufacturing they will usually order a bigger quantity so they can get a better price.

They then sell the rest to outlet stores, such as NorthStar Outlet, at a discounted price.

Tonya said she would tell other women who would like to own their own business to "Go for it."

She said she values high quality clothing at discount prices and the main focus of the store is high fashion, in style and new designs with one-of-a-kind items.

Most items in the store are unique to give the customers their own look.

"No one wants to buy an outfit and see someone else wearing it," Tonya said.

"It is such a joy seeing the delight on my customers' faces when they find a treasure and they get it today. They didn't have to wait for it to come in the mail only to find out that it doesn't fit them like it did the model."

Tonya said she opened her business out of her own frustration in shopping for clothes in Juneau.

"This is real life shopping. Try it on today and take it home today," Tonya said.

"We love Juneau, but we all need more choices that we can feel and touch today."