PUBLISHED: 4:40 PM on Wednesday, April 11, 2007
What annual event do you most anticipate?

"The day the sun comes out because then I'm not so pessimistic." - Brian Street

"Folk Fest because of all of the great music and interesting people. It's a great week to relax and have some fun with friends." - Audrey Ann*

"I don't look forward to going anywhere because I'm emo that way." - Zoe Linzmeier

"The NBA finals because I love basketball, and it's the best of the best for the season." - Jamie Jordan*

"I look forward to the annual DJ convention every February in Las Vegas. This past year was special as I met people from Canada, U.K., South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand." - Big E the DJ*

"I anticipate any annual event in which I get presents!" - Holly Adams*