PUBLISHED: 4:37 PM on Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Students perform Aztec legend play
Students at Auke Bay Elementary School will perform "How Music Came to the World" at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, April 18-19.

Under the direction of Auke Bay music teacher Ann Boochever, the multi-age classrooms will join together as the Auke Bay Aztecas to produce the Aztec Nahuatl legend.

Boochever wrote the musical play several years ago while she was teaching music in Connecticut and collaborating with Sirius Coyote, a performing group that specializes in traditional Mexican folk music.

There are more than 80 children involved in the play as dancers, artists, stage crew, chorus members and in speaking and non-speaking parts.

Under the direction of Auke Bay teacher Amy Rose, students painted a backdrop that features the ruins of an Aztec calendar, surrounded by a brilliant tropical rainforest. Students throughout the school are painting their own acrylic fabric painted Aztec headbands to be worn at the school performances.

During their weekly music class, the students worked to learn the songs. The actors and dancers have been attending after-school rehearsals three days a week for an hour or more since February.

Many of the songs are traditional Mexican folksongs that Boochever heard Sirius Coyote perform, including "Duerme," "Cancion del Troubadour" and "Quatro Elementos." Boochever and her husband, Scott Miller, and friend, Linda Sobo, adapted the songs to fit into the play and more "singable" for children. One of the songs is a Navaho song called "The Red Musician's Song of War and Love." There are seven different dance groups of eight-10 children each.

Rose is assisting with special assistance by high school student Gus Browning who is interested in drama. Parent Kathy Karchner is in charge of brightly colored Aztec costumes.

For information, contact Rose at 463-1775 or by e-mail at