PUBLISHED: 4:39 PM on Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Tribal Child Support Unit opens
The Employment and Training Tribal Child Support Unit announces full-funding received for the comprehensive IV-D program.

TCSU has hired all necessary staff for year one of our program and is operating under a strict timeline. It is open for business.

TCSU was created to ensure that Tlingit and Haida children receive the emotional and financial support of both their parents, and their parent's extended family.

The program strives to support and affirm the traditions of the tribe and tribal families when making decisions on paternity, support obligations and enforcement of support obligations.

TCSU has two principles that motivate all its actions and activities.

First are the families. Child support should be a reliable source of income for families.

TCSU will focus its efforts on the needs of children, and in doing so, empower parents (this includes mother, father and extended families) to ensure children's needs are met.

Second, TCSU has a cooperative approach to establishing and enforcing support obligations. Reaching consensus among families ensures that families will work together to provide for their children.

TCSU provides the following services to all applicants:

• Family assessment on Child Support needs

• Referral to appropriate agencies for support services needed by the family

• Location of parents and assets

• Paternity establishment and enrollment

• Support obligation establishment and modification

• Enforcement of court orders

• Tracking, collection and distribution of payments

• Intergovernmental case processing and assistance

There are no application requirements.

Any one may apply to TCSU for services.

TCSU must accept the application, make an assessment on the services needed, and provide the required TCSU services.

In the event the TCSU cannot provide services, it will make a referral to a Child Support Program that can provide the appropriate services.

For more information or to set an appointment to open a child support case with Tlingit and Haida Tribal Child Support contact Carlene Nore at 1-800-344-1432 ext. 7132.