PUBLISHED: 4:34 PM on Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Job seekers risk losing money, personal data
Anchorage - The Better Business Bureau Serving Alaska, Oregon, and Western Washington is issuing a warning advising job-seekers to beware of misleading online job postings and employment arrangements aimed at stealing money and identities.

Online employment scams generally target the increasing population of workers wanting to work from home, but also impact those looking for second jobs and young people looking for part-time employment. Complaints to the BBB span dozens of sites, including employment advertisements listed on well-known, legitimate job sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, and Yahoo Hot Jobs.

Job seekers should refuse any employment opportunities that involve the following:

• Using your personal bank account: Never agree to deposit checks or money orders or to have money wired into your bank account, for any reason. Do not forward money from your account to another account, even if you are promised reimbursement.

• Paying money out of your pocket: You should not have to pay a fee to learn the details of a job, secure job-placement assistance, obtain a "background" or "identity" screening or accept an employment offer.

• Re-shipping products: Stolen credit cards are typically involved with employment scams.

• Divulging private information: Legitimate businesses do not ask prospective employees to provide their birth date, Social Security number, or a copy of their driver's license or passport.

To further guard against identity theft, the BBB advises job hunters to refrain from including their Social Security Numbers, birth dates, or college graduation dates in resumes that are posted online.