PUBLISHED: 4:35 PM on Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Public library and the world of film
The public libraries' "World of Film" series ended in March. This season the series featured seven films, highlighting the cinema and cuisine of Germany, France, Korea, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, China (Hong Kong) and Italy.

While tasting the awe inspiring international dishes cooked and created and shared by friends and neighbors, the group discussed films, food, the differences between Greek and middle-Eastern baklava and prepared to open our eyes and minds to new perspectives.

Thanks to all who joined and the library looks forward to seeing you at other library events.

Next fall, when the light begins to fade and the evenings become more conducive to watching movies, the series will start again, this time featuring documentary films and some way to include a potluck.

All the films featured in the series are either part of the library collection or have been recommended for purchased, so tell your friends about one of your favorites and keep your eyes out for these new arrivals.

This season's featured films are:

"Shultze Gets the Blues" (Germany)

"The Dinner Game" (France)

"The Way Home" (South Korea)

"Osama" (Afghanistan)

"Paradise Now" (Palestine)

"Shaolin Soccer" (China, Hong Kong)

"Cinema Paradiso" (Italy)