Do you think that girls and boys should have the same sports opportunities in high school? Well, I do too.
Men's volleyball deserves a place in high school 040914 SPEAKINGOUT 1 Floyd Dryden Middle School Do you think that girls and boys should have the same sports opportunities in high school? Well, I do too.
Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Story last updated at 4/9/2014 - 3:52 pm

Men's volleyball deserves a place in high school

Do you think that girls and boys should have the same sports opportunities in high school? Well, I do too.

In a poll organized on Debate.org, 83 percent of voters said yes to having men's volleyball in high school. Likewise, our high school in Juneau should start having a men's volleyball team.

There are opportunities to play men's volleyball after high school. There are many colleges that have good men's volleyball teams including USC, UCLA, Ohio State U, Hawaii, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Brooklyn College, and many more. There is also a men's Olympic team that performs every summer Olympics.

Not only are there opportunities to play after high school, but also it seems sexist that only women get to play high school volleyball in all 50 states. Men can only play high school volleyball in 21 states, unlike women who can play in all states. This would also be against Title IX amendment that states, "No person in the United States of America shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in any education program." Under this article, it states that all sports apply to this law.

Finally, why is volleyball considered a women's sport instead of a man's sport?

One reason could be that there is little to no physical contact like football, hockey and other sports like that. Another reason is that women's high school volleyball is broadcasted more than men's high school volleyball, so people don't really know what it looks like. There is no good reason that volleyball shouldn't be considered a men's sport too.

In contrast, some people said that they wouldn't watch men's volleyball here in Juneau or come to the games. Another problem would be the cost for new uniforms and more travel money. One more problem could be that there wouldn't be enough interest for a complete team or other schools wouldn't want a boy's program. Despite these concerns, there are many points that I have stated to have men's volleyball teams in Juneau and across the country.

In conclusion, men's high school volleyball should be integrated into every state, so that it would be a fair sport for both genders. There are plenty of opportunities after high school to continue this career. In the end, more high schools should start adopting the men's high school volleyball.

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