PUBLISHED: 6:04 PM on Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Erickson takes over dental office
JUNEAU - Dr. Jared Erickson, a dentist originally from Petersburg, has taken over the dental practice of Dr. Mike McKrill, who served the Juneau community for nearly 30 years.

Erickson attended high school in Fairbanks and later graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University in 2004. After working at the SEARHC dental clinic in Juneau for a few years he began working for McKrill part-time in early 2006.

"For some time now, I have been looking for a young dentist to whom I cold feel comfortable transferring my dental practice," McKrill said. "Dr. Jared Erickson is that person. I feel very lucky to have found a person who shares my dental philosophy, sense of concern for patients, and commitment to dental excellence."

McKill said he will continue working one or two days per week for an indefinite period of time.