PUBLISHED: 6:04 PM on Wednesday, April 9, 2008
A puppet play for the whole family
Since 1975, Marionetas de la Esquina has delighted audiences with their whimsical ability to touch at the very heart of all that is important. On Sunday, April 27 they will perform at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center here in Juneau with their play "Emilio and the Enchanted Cow". One performance will be in English and one in Spanish.

Facing a difficult family situation, young Emilio focuses on what he likes to do best: draw. When a cow that he has sketched magically comes to life, Emilio finds courage and some new friends to help him get through this challenging time.

Mexico's renowned puppet theater company Marionetas de la Esquina uses colorful puppets, music, and humor to create this charming and hopeful story.

Emilio and the Enchanted Cow is the story about a young boy's struggles after the recent separation of his parents. It explores his experience of this difficult situation: his fear of the unknown, his difficulty with making new emotional connections and his incapability of coming to terms with the reality of the situation. To survive, Emilio seeks refuge in his imagination which is where he makes friends with, "Cow" who ends up guiding him through his struggle.

"What I wanted to show in this story is that all children can go through any problems that they may face and that they should not feel bad because there is always a way to find a solution" says Amaranta Leyva who wrote the script and plays the role of Emilio.

"Emilio and the Enchanted Cow" was selected to perform at the Kennedy Center as part of their 2007 season program.

Tickets are $19 for the general public, $12 for students and seniors, and $5 for youths youths (5 years and younger), plus $2 at the door. Tickets are available at Hearthside, Rainy Day, JAHC and online at There is a 15 percent discount for groups of five or more only at JAHC.

Play times: Sunday April 27 at Juneau Arts & Culture Center - 2:30 pm in English/ 5:00 pm in Spanish. For ages 5 and up.