Editor's note: This is part of a series of essays written last fall by Floyd Dryden eighth grade students in Samantha Davis' class.
Commercial whaling should be stopped 040809 SPEAKINGOUT 2 Floyd Dryden Student Editor's note: This is part of a series of essays written last fall by Floyd Dryden eighth grade students in Samantha Davis' class.
Wednesday, April 08, 2009

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Commercial whaling should be stopped
Floyd Dryden essay

Editor's note: This is part of a series of essays written last fall by Floyd Dryden eighth grade students in Samantha Davis' class.

Remember ever seeing whales? Whale watching? Seeing those awesome humpbacks, and cool orcas? Free Willy! Well... would you like to see them shot with a giant dagger? Seeing them flail around the ocean, creating a pool of the brightest scarlet you have ever seen in the ocean, can make anyone disgusted.

Whales are magnificent creatures, but they are not treated well by some. Whaling has been going on for hundreds of years, but whalers weren't always aware of the damage they were causing.

Now we know that whales are endangered and there are numerous causes of their decline. Commercial whaling is different than what the Native Americans did. The Native way of whaling is much more humane than commercial whaling. People are disgusted and horrified by commercial whaling.

"The sight of whaling disgusts me, and I think that the people who do it are sick-minded, cruel people," said Gabrielle Fenumia'i, a Floyd Dryden student. Commercial whaling should be stopped all around the world.

Whaling is animal cruelty. Many whales take over an hour to die when shot with a harpoon. A whale thrashes around in the water, pulling away from the boat with poison in its body, and a harpoon in its back. If it doesn't die within an hour it's shot with another harpoon, and if that doesn't work the whale is shot with a rifle. The harpoons are shot at the whale, the harpoon then explodes inside the body or the harpoon can inject poison into the whale's body.

When whales are hunted commercially, they die an agonizing death. The whale is left hanging on the boat by a harpoon securely fastened on a rope. Since the whale is just hanging from the boat, gallons of blood are leaked into the ocean, creating a pool of scarlet in the dark blue. This is dreadful, disgraceful and disgusting to whale lovers and the whole world. Sometimes when small whales are hunted commercial whalers do not use a harpoon on them (it would be a waste). Instead they simply pick them up from the ocean, then bring them to a warehouse, dump the small whale on the floor, and finally slice the whale alive in the neck with a big knife. Not only is whaling horrifying animal cruelty, but also it is not even worth the time and effort.

Commercial whaling is not worth the time and effort. Money should be used to buy groceries, clothes, video games, cars, houses, dirt bikes, four-wheelers - basically, everyday needs and desires - not whaling harpoons! Whaling harpoons are just a waste of money, and don't forget they are filled with explosives and poison which costs even more money to refill! Natives make harpoons from natural resources, i.e. trees, and that does not waste money. We should not be wasting money on whale-killing devices.

Whales are also shot by rifles: big waste! Rifles should be used to hunt other game like rabbits and moose, not whales! Whales are shot with poisonous harpoons. Since the poison spreads throughout the body to kill the whale a lot of the meat and blubber is unusable. The tainted meat and blubber is simply thrown out That is a big waste of whale!

Not only is whaling not worth the time and effort, but also it greatly hurts the population of the whales.

As you know, many whales are endangered. Whaling, of course, involves killing whales. This brings down the number of many different species of whales. Over the past four years about 260 bowhead whales have been killed in the United States of America, and there are only about 8,200 bowheads left.

Whaling was banned in 1986 in the U.S., but people have still been whaling. About 25,000 different whales have been killed since then, and that is a lot! Five species of whales are endangered and are still greatly hunted. The right whale is endangered and one of the most hunted whales in the world. Not too many are left. Whales are endangered, and whaling does not help at all.

Whaling for commercial purposes must be stopped internationally. Whaling is animal cruelty; whaling is not worth the time and effort; whales are endangered. Everyone has a chance to live life; let the whales have theirs. Save the whales.