The Alaska Folk Festival is in its 35th year. Many of its founding members are still around and many of their children are continuing the musical traditions of their parents. The main stage sets kick off at 7 p.m. Monday. The festivities will continue until the final set at 9 p.m. on Sunday with guest artists De Temps Antan.
Folk Festival XXXV 040809 NEWS 1 Capital City Weekly The Alaska Folk Festival is in its 35th year. Many of its founding members are still around and many of their children are continuing the musical traditions of their parents. The main stage sets kick off at 7 p.m. Monday. The festivities will continue until the final set at 9 p.m. on Sunday with guest artists De Temps Antan.

Mark Heard

Pat Henry

Michael Truax

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You may notice "Jam Spot" signs in various downtown locations. Grab some friends, start a jam or respectfully join in as desired. Hours vary.

The Canvas Community Art Studio & Gallery
223 Seward St.
Silverbow Back Room
120 2nd St.
Downtown Heritage
174 S. Franklin St.
The Alaskan Hotel & Bar
167 S. Franklin St.
Red Dog Saloon
278 South Franklin
Jaded(Goldbelt Hotel)
51 Egan Dr.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

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Folk Festival XXXV

The Alaska Folk Festival is in its 35th year. Many of its founding members are still around and many of their children are continuing the musical traditions of their parents. The main stage sets kick off at 7 p.m. Monday. The festivities will continue until the final set at 9 p.m. on Sunday with guest artists De Temps Antan.

For the complete main stage schedule, workshop schedule, other events and volunteer information, visit Look for the rest of the week's schedule in the April 15 issue of CCW.

* * *

Pat Henry has played in the festival every year since its genesis and said he has been very pleased to see it grow year after year. Henry is an AFF board member and is expecting to be quite busy during the festival. "I'm hoping it's not too busy to have a lot of jams," Henry said.

Henry's acoustic guitar and mandolin pickin' paired with his original lyrics often cause his audiences to chuckle. He said during his set he plans to play a couple of old tunes and perhaps a new one. He will also be playing at the songwriter's showcase to be held from 3-6 p.m. April 18-19 in the Back Room at the Silverbow.

Pat Henry will perform at 9:15 p.m. on Monday.

* * *

Mark Heard grew up in Juneau and has been to quite a few folk festivals.

"In some ways it's always the same and always something new," Heard said.

As a boy, Heard picked up the guitar and has since performed solo and in various bands over the years. His technique has developed into a way of playing that he described as "acoustic fingerstyle."

"I look for instrumental versions of familiar songs and try to incorporate the melody over the bass and rhythm of the tune," Heard said. "It's challenging, fun and keeps me out of trouble."

Heard will perform at 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

* * *

Michael Truax has played at folk festival 32 times and called it the "highlight of the year." He said that Juneau's folk festival is unique in that even the most accomplished players in town don't perform for a crowd as large as the festival's.

Truax usually plays alone but will have a surprise guest come on stage during his set this year. He plays covers, searching out emotion-triggering songs that aren't very commonly known.

Though folk festival is nearly the only place Truax performs, he may also be found playing at the jam spots around downtown.

"Jam sessions are every much as important as the actual performance," Truax said.

Michael Truax will perform at 9:45 p.m. on Monday.

* * *

Ball and Chain consists of Annie Bartholomew, Joe Funk, Michael Pollard and Arthur Ackerman. You may have seen Bartholomew and Funk perform with others last year as The Professional Hippies. This group of high schoolers said they are answering to the music of their parents with music of their own.

Funk, who plays upright bass, is a student of Patrick Murphy. Pollard, who plays guitar, is a student of Robert Cohen. Ackerman, drummer, is a student of Ken Guiher. Bartholomew, on vocals and guitar, called herself a product of Bearfoot Bluegrass Camp and a summer working in Washington D.C.'s infamous Guitar Shop.

The band confessed that they have each been through a Led Zeppelin phase which has significantly influenced their sound. They've described themselves as "jangly guitars and dirty blues," and they said they're sticking to it.

Ball and Chain will perform at 9:15 p.m. on Wednesday.

* * *

Folk Festival Full Schedule

Monday Evening, April 13

Emcee: Grace Elliott; Stage Manager: Koren Bosworth

7:00 Heart Strings • Juneau, Alaska: Arne, Katharine, Meredith, Sarah, Naara, Kaelin, Eva, Portia, Dugan, Robert, Rosie, FuBao, Eva G, Noelle, Gabrielle, Mokoa, Ellie, Abby, Leah, Elias, Elias R., Ellen, Ella, Jayden, Marlena, Simon and Catherine. Kids on fiddles and dancing bears.

7:15 Itinerant Pickers • Craig, Alaska: John Bruns and Sally Burch. We have been making music together since fall 2004 as the River People Band. We started the Island Grind in March, 2007. We are proud to be the house band for the Grind.

7:30 Alaskan Travelers • Juneau, Alaska: Elias Antaya, Max Blust and Robert Newman. Legos, root beer and comic books - not necessarily in that order.

7:45 Matthew Coppick as "Sugar Pickin" • Juneau, Alaska: An instructor at UAS and currently an MAT student teacher looking for an elementary teaching job.

8:00 Julianna Bibb • Juneau, Alaska. Me and my guitar perform a collection of original songs.

8:15 Stalactyte • Juneau, Alaska: LZ (Linda Zeno), Allan "Woodsy Al" Nichols, Steve "Buzz Magnum" Kunz and Lee G. High energy folk rock.

8:30 On Step • Douglas, Alaska: Catherine Marks, Simon Marks, Corrine Marks, Jamie Marks. First time family performance. A little sing, a little fling, a little fiddle and a lot of fun.

8:45 Rainee Godwin • Juneau, Alaska: Rainee Godwin, June Hall and Paul Desdier. Old time country music.

9:00 Rory Stitt • Juneau, Alaska: Rory - Performer.

9:15 Pat Henry • Juneau, Alaska: Songs from Jeanie's kitchen.

9:30 Bill and Kelli Childers • Juneau, Alaska: Another father and daughter performance back for another year.

9:45 Michael Truax • Juneau, Alaska: Past performance is no guarantee of future success.

10:00 Fiesta Gatos • Juneau, Alaska: Jason Sosa, Rik Romerein, Keith Fremlin, Tom Gould, J.B. Blankenship and C.A. Bowman. Satisfaction guaranteed or double your money back.

10:15 The Invisible Circus • Juneau, Alaska: Brian Sullivan and Libby Sterling. Brother Moon, Sister Soldier.

10:30 One Aisle Over • Juneau, Alaska: Josh Lockhart, Naomi Hooley, Chris Fannin and Miles Baker. All original, singer-songwriter acoustic indie folk.

Tuesday Evening, April 14

Emcee: Scott Burton; Stage Managers: Linda Frame & Jenna O'Fontanella

7:00 Alaska's Kit & the Kaboodles • Auke Bay, Alaska: Steve Wilde, Simon Taylor, Doug Fanyak, Doug Bridges and Alaska's Kit. A 13 year old girl and her awesome band.

7:15 The Preserves Festival Band • Juneau, Alaska: Steve Wilde, Tony Tengs, Albert McDonnell, George Wallace, Andrea Mogil, Wayne Norlund, Andy Engstrum, Betsy Sims, Bill Glude, Joyce Levine and Michael Bucy. Back with a set of Preserves festival classics to celebrate the release of the long-awaited CD.

7:30 Hannah Perkins • Juneau, Alaska: 3 - 4 original songs played on piano with singing.

7:45 The Grateful Dads and Mom • Juneau, Alaska: Tom Koester, Nanci Spear and Joe Malinovsky. Harmonious melodies and melodious harmonies from confirmed and genuine parental units.

8:00 Flattlands • Juneau, Alaska: Frank Delaplain.

8:15 Dave Stancliff & Friends • Juneau, Alaska: Dave Stancliff and Bryce Egmon. Sharing music, 'cause it's fun!

8:30 David Reynolds • Ketchikan, Alaska: Original songs, acoustic folk-rock, 3 song set.

8:45 Once More with Feeling • Juneau, Alaska: Annie Bartholomew and Callie Conerton. Two Juneau Raised Girls, Student Council Junkies, KXLL DJs and Youth Court Defenders sing some sweet tunes together in their last folk fest before leaving Alaska.

9:00 Mark Heard • Auke Bay, Alaska: Acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

9:15 Tramwreck • Juneau, Alaska: Dave Kovach, Heidi Johnson, Bobby Jones, Tonia Lewis and Jamie Marks. New toonies from a bunch of old loonies.

9:30 Louie Urban Kohler • Ashland, Oregon: Just me, my old acoustic 6-string and some lyrics I hope make you think.

9:45 Zahasky Family • Juneau, Alaska: Paul, Melissa, Laura, Quinn and Abby. Cold, damp and hairy.

10:00 Patrick McCormick • Juneau, Alaska: Patrick grew up around music as son of Mr. Whistling Swan, Mike McCormick in Eagle River, Alaska.

10:15 Know When to Quit • Juneau, Alaska: Terry Hoskinson, Frederick Hoskinson and Glenn Hoskinson. Terry, Frederick and Glenn enjoy 15 minutes of fame, pleasure and panic.

10:30 Deborah Young • Juneau, Alaska: Couple of my own songs maybe, a couple of traditional bluegrass, and always one bluegrass gospel.

Wednesday Evening, April 15

Emcee: Jim Grammel; Stage Manager: Ann Gifford

7:00 Juneau Pride Chorus • Juneau, Alaska: A chorus of mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers & grandmothers bonded by a love of singing and & a desire to celebrate diversity.

7:15 Antique Road Show • Juneau, Alaska: Olga Lijo, Steve Wilde, John Lager, Miguel Reina, John Ingalls and Haley Nelson. Sing me a song that was a hit before your mother was born.

7:30 Irene Muller • Seattle, Washington: Teenage angst with a sense of humor and love of alliteration. I miss Juneau!!

7:45 The Bluescast • Juneau, Alaska: Ed Schoenfeld, Laurie Scanling, Jeff Brown and Mo Hicks. Political and other humor for the ethically-challenged, ethically enhanced, and others who may be there.

8:00 Costa's Rotten Greasetrap Rounders • Juneau, Alaska: Collette C., Mack Daddy Al M., Robert "Capitol Records Forever" Cohen, Slappin' C Good, The Horn Swagglers: Mikey S., Big Doug, & Loosey Bucy, and the return of the Bohunks! Outta money? No problem! Outta work? Don't worry! Outta luck? Not anymore!! Welcome to the New Depression! We'll provide everything needed for a new lease on life: Hot jazz, hot horns, and hot dancing dames with their glorious gams! It'll be the bees knees, ballin' the jack Daddy-o!

8:15 Mitch Franseth • Santa Cruz, California: Guitar and vocal (harmonica, if you're nice).

8:30 Myth Barber • Juneau, Alaska: Patrice Helmar, Caleb Wylie and Scott Crass.

8:45 Kray Van Kirk • Juneau, Alaska: Singer - songwriter.

9:00 Riley Woodford • Juneau, Alaska: Bring on spring! Some songs to conjure the sun.

9:15 Ball and Chain • Juneau, Alaska: Annie Bartholomew, Joe Funk, Nate Johnson, Keegan Goodell and Arthur Ackerman. Jangly guitars and dirty blues. High school musicians answer to their parents' music.

9:30 Dao Strom • Juneau, Alaska: Dao Strom and Bob Banghart. Vietnamese-American folk sing-songwriter writes "distinctive and subtle songs that combine an old musical soul with a thoroughly modern sensibility" - 3rd Coast Music.

9:45 Katie Henry • Davis, California: New songs for old friends.

10:00 Buddy Tabor • Juneau, Alaska: Same as before, same as before.

10:15 George Faust • Anchorage, Alaska: Started playing guitar at age 55 with little or no background in music. Very big challenge. More challenging than juggling fire on a unicycle, even with training wheels included.

10:30 BMH3 • Douglas, Alaska: Ben Higdon, Patrick Murphy and Bob Banghart. Malvina Reynolds meets Tom Waits at Gid Tanner's house.