PUBLISHED: 4:26 PM on Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Keep Tenakee's natural beauty
My name is Meryl Chew and I live in Tenakee Springs, Alaska. I have lived here for eight years. In my opinion, Tenakee is one of the greatest places to grow up.

The wide open spaces, amazing wildlife, and a beautiful Inlet that's right outside my back door. Tenakee and its inlet are very special places to me.

My family and I have taken our sailboat up Tenakee Inlet during Spring Break and Summer Vacation for many years.

We go to many places, such as Saltery Bay, Crab Bay, and Little Seal Bay. Kayaking, rowing, swimming, fishing, hiking, and cookouts are just a few of the great activities we enjoy when we go up the inlet. I also enjoy scanning the sky for birds and the beaches for bear.

One time I even got to see a bear and cub fishing in a stream. It was amazing to see those bears in their natural habitat.

Tenakee Inlet holds many of nature's greatest treasures. I

f Tenakee Inlet is clear-cut these treasures may not be around for other people to enjoy. It's very important that Tenakee stays a beautiful, untouched corner of the world.

Meryl Chew

Tenakee Springs