PUBLISHED: 4:27 PM on Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Haines residents work together for production of 'Greater Tuna'
Lynn Canal Community Players

  Michael Stark
The tradition of theater in Haines kicked-off 2007 with the March 30-31, production of "Greater Tuna." National casting director and veteran film and television actor Michael Stark directed the show.

Stark is currently the exclusive casting director for Bryan Hickox Productions, a seven time Emmy Award winner, and numerous independent production companies.

"Greater Tuna" is a two-person satire of life in a fictional small town in Texas.

The play was first performed Off-Broadway in 1982 and developed into one of the most popular community theater productions.

The Haines production of the mystery comedy starred long time Haines thespians Dan Henry and John Hedrick.

Each actor played 10 roles, including at least two women, children and animals. Henry had about 36 wardrobe changes and Hedrick had 23.

When one actor was on stage, the other actor many times was off-stage changing costumes.

Stark was directing the Lynn Canal Community Players for the first time. He has extensive film experience with more than 400 appearances on national television's day-time dramas including "The Guiding Light," "The Doctors," and "The Edge of Night."

His prime time experience on television has included four years on "Miami Vice" and "Johnny Carson's Practical Jokes and TV Bloopers."

"The volunteer stage crew at Haines was as professional as any crew I have worked with," Stark said.

Lynn Canal Community Players is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Some current members of the organization have been involved in the local theater group since its inception.