PUBLISHED: 5:19 PM on Wednesday, April 2, 2008
eBay for Beginners
Many people now own online stores, such as Juneau resident Cristina Della Rosa, owner of Alaska Woman eBay store where she sells new and used Alaska items. She is also Juneau's only registered Trading Assistant, selling for individuals, non-profits and businesses on commission.

Della Rosa has held this as her day job for two years now. After working several unsatisfactory office jobs, she said she decided to open an eBay store from her home. She is offering a class for beginner level eBay buyers and sellers at Centennial Hall April 5 and 26 from 10am - 1pm. The class is the same both times so people need only attend one.

"The class is designed from the very beginning but even if you know a little about eBay already, it can be very beneficial to you," Della Rosa said.

There are about 600,000 people who own an eBay store, according to Della Rosa.

"A lot of people just sell household items or buy things to update sports equipment and the like," Della Rosa said. "Then there are those who own a store, which means it isn't just an individual auction but they have a bunch of things that are for sale 24/7. It is the next level up, there is a bit more to it."

The beginner eBay class will cover the basics such as, what eBay is and how it works, the good things about buying and any disadvantages.

She will also cover eBay terminology, PayPal, how to handle possible mistakes and shipping costs.

"People must understand shipping and be honest about costs," said Della Rosa, who has sold over 900 items on eBay.

Participants in the three hour class will have time to ask questions specific to their eBay pursuits as well as receive access to over 40 pages of eBook-like notes composed by Della Rosa on the subject.

The class will be visually oriented, as Della Rosa will be demonstrating online through laptop and projector so students can follow along.

"The main point of this class is to use the internet to try to get people excited about it and feel confident to continue learning and researching about it on their own," Della Rosa said.

More and more people are buying merchandise online; especially in Alaska where there are not as many stores to physically shop in. eBay is just one avenue for acquiring an item from afar.

"People either buy on eBay because they want to save money, or because its fun and they can find rare things, its also very convenient. One can end up spending a lot more time than expected on eBay, it has created a sort of worldwide community," said Della Rosa of the number one online store, Amazon being the second.

The class assumes no prior knowledge of eBay and costs $25 or $40 for two. Advanced registration required. Visit Della Rosa's store at

For more information call 723-1555.