PUBLISHED: 5:47 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Letter to the Editor
Dear CCW:
Recently, we in Juneau have been reminded of the impact of good, clean, athletic effort. As we cheered the Gold Medal teams and mourned Coach, we remembered that good sportsmanship counts. The rules we play by can encourage excellence. The same idea is true in Washington, D. C.

In our democracy, the filibuster provides a nonviolent way for people to dispute earnestly. I am writing to oppose the elimination of the filibuster in approving judicial appointments. The appointment of a judge is a serious matter and should not be pushed through. Good judges can gain the support of a large majority of lawmakers.

History has shown us that as years pass and speeches are made, compromises are struck and minds are changed. There is good reason to respect the minority, to take time to hear the arguments, and to keep the filibuster in the halls of Congress.

Watch the news - this issue will be voted on soon. EWill Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski play fair?

Thank you for reading.

Anne Fuller