PUBLISHED: 5:51 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Women of Consequence: Kate Slotnick
Kate Slotnick moved to Juneau with her family in the fall of 1991 and after a short time working as a part-time school nurse, Kate joined the staff at the Juneau Public Health Center. As a public health nurse Kate flew to outlying communities Elfin Cove and Pelican for by-annual immunizations and other health matenance. She allowed a boy from Elfin Cove who experienced several health difficulties to stay in her home in Juneau while he got the care that he needed. In addition to creating the Teen Health Center in the high school which allowed for easy health care access for teens, Kate served on the Mayor's Task Force for Youth and the Juneau Tobacco Prevention Network which took up much of her free time. Kate also was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Washington public health masters program, one of the top public health master's programs in the country. While working full time and raising three teenage daughters she commuted between Seattle and Juneau to study for her masters. After about a year of acting for the vacant position of head of the Juneau Public Health Center, Kate officially stepped into the postition where she has worked for over a year. Kate recently volunteered her services and professional knowledge on the Juneau Floride Committee. Although she is still hard at work on her master's thesis, Kate is an avid runner and skiier, often found on the Juneau trails with her husband Neil and their dog Mabel. Kate provides an example of a woman who has altered the community for the better with her hard work, extra weekend hours and determination.