PUBLISHED: 5:51 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Women of Consequence: Laurie Gardner

Laurie Gardner is married to Doug Gardner, works as a Loan Officer for a local bank, and has two grown children. She is a member of the Rotary Club and is on the board for KTOO. She has played the bagpipe for over 35 years and is the Major Piper for the StrollerWhite Bagpipe Band.

Through music she stimulates and maintains ties with the ancient Scottish cultural traditions and celebrations among the people of Juneau. She also directs the bagpipers to adventure into playing contemporary music, often adding the flute and vocals to achieve amazing sounds. Among her many accomplishments, her work with children stands out. She encourages them to develop the willpower and drive to do something very difficult (Scottish dancing) and to keep striving until a certain level of competence is met. She daily instructs girls and boys in the structured steps of Scottish Highland and National Dancing.

Her gentle but firm instruction in the dance assists each child to develop confidence and discipline not only while performing the intricate Scottish dance steps but also in day-to-day activities. The rigorous requirements of the dance help develop all-round, good physical condition that will serve her students well for the rest of their lives.