PUBLISHED: 5:48 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Women of Consequence
Clearly, Southeast Alaska resembles Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon in one way, but not in another: The women here are strong, but the men aren't silent - at least not when it comes to speaking up about the strong women.

When we called for nominations to our feature about Southeast Alaska's "Women of Consequence," we discussed at length what we wanted to call the feature. "Women of Power" didn't sound right; that sounded like the public health nurse working silently making sure small communities are up to date on their immunizations wouldn't count. "Women of Significance" also seemed too exclusionary.

We finally settled for "Women of Consequence," because we felt that would open the field for women from every walk of life; women who have had the opportunity to participate in decision making affecting the entire state, women business owners, and women tribal elders -Ebut also women whose faces we might not recognize, but whose lives have made a difference to individuals and groups of people in our communities in Southeast.

Choosing among the nominees was hard. And we want to emphasize that while we found these women extraordinarily worthy of some kudos they might not get in their everyday life, that in no way means the ones not selected -Eor the many not even nominated -Eshould feel slighted.

We are blessed with living in a part of the world where women are allowed to, can be, and have stepped into roles of having a great impact on the world around them. And we want to thank them - those mentioned here as well as those not.

Christina Holmgren