PUBLISHED: 5:51 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Women in Business: Laisne' Waldron

Name: Laisne' Waldron

Business Name: The Wedding Shoppe

How long have you been in business?

I've owned this business since March of 2004 but The Wedding Shoppe & Boutique has been in business almost 25 years. It was previously owned by Don and Delores Garcia

What is your business?

The Wedding Shoppe & Boutique is Juneau's only full service bridal salon, offering everything from the wedding party attire to your reception accessories. We also specialize in fulfilling all of your prom and graduation needs.

Why did you go into business?

After spending almost a year on my own wedding, making the invitations, decorations, party gifts and planning everything for the out of state guests, I was really excited by the whole process. Two months later a family friend who knew the Garcias told me they were moving and wanted to sell their business. I already had a bookkeeping business helping small businesses and I thought this would just be a wonderfully fun thing to do. The bridal business is always happy and uplifting. Sharing in the couples' joy and excitement is special and being able to help with that joy make me want to go to the shop every day.