PUBLISHED: 5:51 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Women in Business: Jeannie Blancher

Name: Jeannie Blancher

Business Name: The Tyte End

How long have you been in business?

Since September 2004.

What is your business?

It's an endermologie business. The only FDA approved method of reducing the appearance of cellulite. The LP6 ESI is a mechanical skin rolling and suction device that improves superficial circulation, stretches connective tissue fibers, rids the body of toxins and restorce the body's balance. Cellulite affects 90 percent of women today. People can diet and exercise like mad, yet still have noticeable cellulite. Endermologie targets those areas.

Why did you go into business?

To try something new. I grew up in Haines and Juneau so I feel good about bringing a new type of service to town. In my early 20s, I started doing delivery type jobs to get exercise, be outside and be sociable. But now, closing in on 40, I figured it was time for a change. What better way to make a living than helping people look and feel better. It's a lot easier on the back and I still get to socialize.