PUBLISHED: 5:52 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Roys exhibit focuses on the implications of being an artist in Juneau

Rob Roys, a life long Alaskan and Juneau resident, will exhibit his recent work at the City Museum this April. The show will open Friday, April 1 with a reception from 4:30-7:00pm.

For this show, Roys wanted to focus on what it means to be an artist in Juneau, taking his inspiration from several local issues including the relative isolation of the community; the extremes of weather, from gloom to glorious sun; and the way history often "clouds the present" in such a small community. Roys also takes this opportunity to paint about his father, whose recent death due to lung disease has had a profound effect on the artist.

Roys works for the most part in acrylic paint, liking it for its quick drying properties as well as its ability to layer without compromising the permanency of the painting. Initially sketching ideas on paper, canvas or panel, Roys then applies layers of acrylic paint combined with charcoal, graphite or pastels, adding or subtracting shapes lines or colors all the while holding the original idea in his mind as he works. The effect is a very thick and tactile veil of paint from which images emerge on the canvas in a mist of color.

The exhibit of Rob Roys' works opens on Friday, April 1st and runs through April 25th.

The Juneau-Douglas CIty Museum is located at 4th and Main Street. April admission to the Museum is free thanks to Robert and Michelle Storer.