Courtesy of the Alaska Folk Festival, here's the schedule through Wednesday, April 5, when the next Capital City Weekly comes out.
Folk Fest schedule 032917 CALENDAR 1 Capital City Weekly Courtesy of the Alaska Folk Festival, here's the schedule through Wednesday, April 5, when the next Capital City Weekly comes out.
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Folk Fest schedule

Monday Evening, April 3 • Centennial Hall

7 p.m. PFLAG Juneau Pride Chorus • Juneau, Alaska

Leslie Wood, Jacque Farnsworth, Mara Early, Kim Kiefer, Marianne Mills, Jenn Mannix, Leah LaBar, Joan Wilkeson, Bobbi Mitchell, Maureen Longworth, Jean Findley, Marsha Buck, Paula Terrel, LaRae Jones, Christina Wallace, Maria Davies, Katarina Lee, April McVey, Margaret Vrolyk, Erika Partlow, Becky Bear

The JPC will sing a collection of songs celebrating diversity.

7:15 Teri Tibbett • Juneau, Alaska

Original songs

7:30 The Geoff Kirsch Experience Experiment Projeqt feat. Margie McWilliams • Juneau, Alaska

Geoff Kirsch, Margie McWilliams

More of the Projeqt for you to experience and experiment with — this year it’s a guitar and fiddle tribute to the 90s.

7:45 Tracey and Taylor • Douglas, Alaska

Tracey Ricker, Taylor Vidic

Two gals, two guitars, two generations. Having performed in Folk Fest for years, Tracey finally returns to the stage. The last time was the year Taylor was born.

8 p.m. Salmon Strings • Juneau, Alaska

Finley Sullivan, Heather Parker

First fiddle performance with my instructor Heather.

8:15 Jacks in the River • Juneau, Alaska

Doug DeMaster, Shannon DeMaster, Dave Tallmon, Andrzej Piotrowski, Brandee Gerke, Auguste Stiehr

Our music is still maturing; so are we. If you like folkrockblues and have an ear for harmony and strong instrumentation, you’ll like us.

8:30 Amund and the Sweaters • Juneau, Alaska

Michaela, Zach, Will, Mallory

Let us paint you a picture.

8:45 Jesse Garcia • Glorieta, New Mexico

Original songs arranged for marimba and guitar.

9 p.m. Bearclaw 7 • Juneau, Alaska

Kara, Kat, Emma, Kate, Grace, Josh, Brian

We are an acoustic collective that hope to perforce some folky covers, and possibly an original.

9:15 Riley Woodford • Juneau, Alaska

New original songs

9:30 The Bellwethers • Auke Bay, Alaska

Beth Weigel, Rick Bellagh, Sergei Morosan

Bellwethering resistance through folk music. A few songs to inspire.

9:45 Odin Brudie • Juneau, Alaska

I’ll dig deep in my archives of originals and find one that everyone is sure to enjoy.

10 p.m. Escape From Brooklyn - the Reunion • Juneau, Alaska

Beth Leibowitz, Steve Winker, Jacque Farnsworth

Klezmer: old-time music inherited from America’s Yiddish subculture.

10:15 Ken Burch • Olympia, Washington

Music for what it’s for

10:30 The CD Band • Juneau, Alaska

Courtney Nelson, Che Plang, Johnny Rubbo, John Schauwecker, Phil Millard, Gene Nelson

Americana music of the millenials

Emcee: Grace Elliot

Stage Manager: Koren Bosworth

Tuesday Evening, April 4 • Centennial Hall

7 p.m. Alaska Youth Choir • Juneau, Alaska

Songs performed by our Prep, Intermediate and Advanced Choirs under the direction of Rich Moore.

7:15 Widdling Fizzards • Juneau, Alaska

Aubrey Hekkers, Liam Penn, Annika Schwartz, Minta Schwatrz, Clara Don

Year 3 of the middle school friends widdling together through some great fiddle and folk tunes. Thanks to Lindsay Clark and Rob Cohen.

7:30 Greg • Juneau, Alaska

Greg Albrecht, Greg Pilcher

Just a couple of Gregs, doing what we do.

7:45 Art Johns’ Old Time Country Experience • Skagway, Alaska

Art Johns, Nola Lamken

Art plays guitar and sings old-time country songs.

8 p.m. George Kuhar • Juneau, Alaska

It’s about the folks.

8:15 Bryson Evans • Chehalis, Washington

Evans performs original folk/country songs, and sings, plays harmonica, acoustic guitar. I would perform with ballads, a waltz, rockabilly song.

8:30 The Speakers • Juneau, Alaska

Wendy Hladick, Chris Hladick, Bryce Edgmon, Adam Wool, Teri Tibbitt, Mark Schultz

Like their band name, these musicians have something to say!

8:45 James Pothier • Juneau, Alaska

Guitar / vocals

9 p.m. The Alaska Girls • Douglas, Alaska

Cadence A. Ward, Cagney Davis, Kylie Lowenstein

Get ready for the ‘The Alaska Girls’ - three 4th grade girls from Juneau who enjoy playing music together! They’re pretty awesome…

9:15 Houseboat Honeys • Sausalito, California

Olivia Sinaiko, Kiel Renick

Two former Juneau residents returning to their Southeast home to sing a few of their favorite tunes, a mix of originals and well-worn classics.

9:30 Mark Heard • Auke Bay, Alaska

Acoustic guitar tunes on a Sitka spruce top

9:45 Lonely Winter • Juneau, Alaska

Joshua David Miller, Hannah Wilson, Maia Wolf

Lonely Winter is an indie-folk band from Juneau that incorporates elements of traditional americana as well as classical instrumentation.

10 p.m. Slow Street • Juneau, Alaska

Vickie Van Fleet, Jim Powell, Bill Childers, Don Rudolph, Odin Brudie

Five Friends Fuse. “Soul sista” Van Fleet, “Weeping guitar” Childers, “Funksta” Brudie, “Melo mando,” Powell & “Bassist” Rudolph playing favorites!

10:15 John Palmes • Juneau, Alaska

More folk music from Juneau, Alaska.

10:30 Safety Third • Gustavus, Alaska

Kim Heacox, Jamie Marks, Hank Lentfer, Catherine Marks, Linnea Lentfer

Mixing it up with songs from the Beatles to a Modern Rock Opera and a few surprises in between.

Emcee: Beth Weigel

Stage Manager: Anne Fuller