PUBLISHED: 1:59 PM on Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Women in Business

Anji Gallanos

The Creating Place

The Creating Place is a studio for children where they can open up their minds, express themselves and have a great time. The venue provides art materials, some open-ended instruction and kids bring their creativity.

The activities at The Creating Place are age appropriate and focus on process not the product.

There are workshops for kids, ongoing classes and birthday parties, as well as a small retail shop that carries unique children's art supplies and gifts.

"Owning a business is possible. A lot of work but possible. It's important to know where the resources are for small businesses. Having support from friends or families is invaluable," said owner Anji Gallanos. The Creating Place offers a place for kids to come, create and socialize while developing important skills.

"As a mom I have loved all the opportunities my own children have in this city. I think The Creating Place fills a niche for families looking to give kids a full range of experiences," Gallanos said.

"I think being able to involve my own children in the business is very valuable. It is incredibly rewarding to have them with me and involved in the business.

"They love sharing their ideas, helping to set up and participate. Having the flexibility to do something I love and have my kids with me is the greatest reward."

Lilly Killbear

Made in the Shade

Lilly Killbear owns and runs Made in the Shade, an espresso and chai stand located in the foyer of Rainbow Foods Natural Foods Store.

She serves all-organic, fair trade, bird friendly coffee and fresh brewed chai, which is made from scratch. The coffee is roasted locally and delivered bi-weekly to ensure freshness, by Juanita's coffee roasters.

Lilly said advice she would give to other women who would like to run their business would be, "Do your homework first. Create a business plan and check your demographics first. Better to start and succeed, than to fail. Ask for help from all available resources."

Made in the Shade stands out because of the all-organic coffee, milks, sugars and chai.

"You are never served coffee more than a couple of days old. Also our chai is made from scratch, with organic ingredients then brewed overnight in a crock-pot," Lilly said.

She also sells art and dreamcatchers.

Lilly said the biggest reward of owning her own business sis setting an example for her daughters and son.

"Letting them know it is possible to be self-made," Lilly said. "Also the opportunity to inspire other Alaskan Native women to branch out and succeed."

Tonya Mauldin

NorthStar Outlet

Tonya Mauldin owns NorthStar Outlet, which offers brand new first quality clothing at 30-90 percent off of the original retail prices. When stores and designers order clothes for manufacturing they will usually order a bigger quantity so they can get a better price. They then sell the rest to outlet stores, such as NorthStar Outlet, at a discounted price. Tonya said she would tell other women who would like to own their own business to "Go for it."

She said she values high quality clothing at discount prices and the main focus of the store is high fashion, in style and new designs with one-of-a-kind items. Most items in the store are unique to give the customers their own look.

"No one wants to buy an outfit and see someone else wearing it," Tonya said.

"It is such a joy seeing the delight on my customers' faces when they find a treasure and they get it today.

"They didn't have to wait for it to come in the mail only to find out that it doesn't fit them like it did the model."

Tonya said she opened her business out of her own frustration in shopping for clothes in Juneau.

"This is real life shopping. Try it on today and take it home today," Tonya said.

"We love Juneau, but we all need more choices that we can feel and touch today."

Pat Magill Stevens

Alaska Realty Network

Alaska Realty Network is a full service real estate company, specializing in the service of people who looking to buy, sell, build, relocate, or establish a business in our area. We meet people where they are in their real estate journey offering them our experience, education, ethics, integrity, interest, and ability to listen and determine what they need and want.

Owner Pat Magill Stevens said she would suggest that women interested in business find an area they are skilled in and have a passion for doing.

"It takes a lot of work and energy to build a business so that it begins to give back to you. The first five years are critical, and the longevity will be there if the energy, interest and passion for what you are doing continue," Pat said. "I love serving people in the area of real estate - from the first house to the last - I am there for my clients. It is a privilege and honor to serve them."

Pat said the best business is referral business.

"When my customer tells a friend, we both have someone we respect in common even if we have never met before. It is an honor to me when that happens. They know I will take good care of them."

Alaska Realty Network offers a personal service to its customers and clients that are second to none. They take the inconvenience out of completing a real estate transaction by bringing it to the customer. They offer hourly consultation based on an hourly fee, as well as commission-based contracts for sellers and buyers. Alaska Realty offers a "Help You Sell" program that has a discounted broker fee. Pat said she is there to serve the people of Southeast Alaska for the long haul with more than 19 years experience in the Juneau area.

"The biggest reward to me is that I have proved to myself and to the people that doubted me, that I can run a successful business that has over the years helped a lot of people in many different ways. My personal passion is helping the 'first time' buyer get into their first home," Pat said. "I also love, new construction. I have been doing real estate since March of 1987, and have never been bored with it. Every transaction is different, with different people and different financial aspects. It keeps me challenged and interested every day. I consider it a 'people' business. My heart is in serving people, and real estate is a wonderful avenue to do that in."

M'Iva Rickey

Crystal Clear Communications

Crystal Clear Communications is a full service advertising agency and public relations firm. Owned and operated by M'Iva Rickey, the business creates radio, television and print and coordinate those aspects of educating and moving public opinion for clients their products and services. The firm also designs and coordinates various functions for clients and the non - profits that we assist. Trade shows, auctions, open houses and fundraisers also are included among our field of expertise.

Crystal Clear Communications has a phenomenal body of work to its credit. Many accolades and awards have been bestowed upon the business. Most of the working group and clients have been with us for nearly two decades because we truly respect all that are involved in the process. This vision has brought success to the clients as well as to Crystal Clear Communications.

Since 1988 we have been helping clients with the many and varied needs they have brought. An important aspect of success is always knowledge and compassion. A bright mind and a willingness to go the extra mile when needed is a proven path for long-term relationships with clients.

Charlene Schrader


Curves, a 30-minute fitness center for women where aerobic and strength training is accomplished, is owned by Charlene Schrader.

Charlene said Curves is unique because it is a fitness center for women she can watch them change their lives. She encourages other women to run their own businesses.

"Find something you like to do, make sure you have support and just do it," Charlene said.

Watching women get healthy, hearing their stories and getting to know unique and special women is what makes owning Curves special, Charlene said.

Penny Harris

Vintage Fare

Vintage Fare Café and Espresso is a unique eating place in Nugget Mall, serving pastries made from scratch, homemade bread and soup. The shop features a full menu, which includes breakfast wraps, quiche, a wide selection of wraps and healthy and delicious salads with homemade dressing.

"I like being able to set my own schedule. Having family is important so juggling time is hard for me," said owner Penny Harris "I love people, and I like helping others. My son calls me a workaholic. I work at home and long hours but I love work. I always have."

Penny said to running a business requires support from family and friends. "It's a lot of work but very rewarding," Penny said.

Sally Burnham

Custom Cuts

Since coming to Juneau in 1987, life has been very good to Sally Burnham.

Five days after walking off the plane, Sally was working at Sunburst Tanning and Hair. Four years later she made a move to Custom Cuts.

After a year of being there, the owner Jolene Shelton offered the business to Sally; it was a good price for a great little business, that was in 1991.

In the last 15 years,two moves with the location of the shop, Sally's little business has come to rest in Auke Bay.

It's lovely location with a water view that is unbeatable to have to look at all day at work. And spacious enough that all who come in feel comfortable Sally said.

After extensive remodel and a process of upgrading all the equipment, the little business is doing even better. The community of Auke Bay and out-the-road folks have rounded her nice clientele that started all those years back into a thriving business.

Sally shares the space with two other businesses, Natural Nails and Alaskan Serenity, to keep the overhead down, which she tries a carry over to the clients.

"I have tried to keep my prices competitively on the lower side so the average family can afford good hair," Sally said.

Sally recently put in a second work station for a person who may want to try their hand in her niche of the world, but it's going to hard to find the right person since she has worked alone for 15 years.

"If I ever do find that person, then maybe I can start thinking on retirement," Sally said.