PUBLISHED: 5:30 PM on Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Haines schools face a hit

HAINES - The Haines Borough School District is struggling to deal with an anticipated $450,000 hole in next year's budget, according to a the Chilkat Valley News.

The borough is looking at moving money from the borough budget and getting more money from the state as potential sources of help for next year's $3.9 million school budget.

"It's a problem. A half-million dollars to us is a lot of money, and we have to be very careful we don't spend money we don't have," Borough Mayor Fred Shields said.

Skagway PD implementsemergency dispatch

SKAGWAY - The Skagway Police Department implemented the APCO Institute Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Program last month.

Skagway Police Department provides emergency dispatch for police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) to the City and Borough of Skagway, with one dispatcher on duty per shift.

The APCO Institute EMD Program, based on EMD Guidecards and software, is a systematic way to manage EMS resources in an organized and effective manner and to provide medical assistance to callers until medically trained field response units arrive at the scene.

"The APCO Institute welcomes Skagway Police Department as an EMD User Agency and looks forward to working with their staff to provide EMD services to their area," APCO Institute Director Julie Troutman said.

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Medical specialist squeeze

FORT RICHARDSON - Fort Richardson soldiers wounded in Iraq are receiving care at Elmendorf Air Force Base hospital under a program based on the notion that delivering care in a setting close to home and family is better for all concerned. However, the effort has created a shortage of medical specialists at the hospital, reported APRN.

At a congressional hearing that touched on the issue this week, Sen. Ted Stevens said the Army needs to contribute more to Elmendorf.

"Elmendorf hospital is supposedly the hospital of the Pacific," he said. "Fort Rich does not have that standing and does not have a hospital. I would hope that we would find some way to maybe add a wing or something to Elmendorf hospital so the Army people will feel they are a part of it. They welcome the assistance of the Air Force, but they're not putting in much money to help."

Coast Guard, fishing vessel rescue 42 from sinking ship

JUNEAU - The Coast Guard continues to search for one missing individual from the Fishing Vessel Alaska Ranger that called for assistance when it began to sink 120 miles west of Dutch Harbor late Sunday.

Coast Guard Cutter Munro remains on scene searching for the one missing individual. A Coast Guard helicopter from St. Paul searched until dark and continued the search Monday morning.

The fishing vessel Alaska Warrior will arrived at the scene and rescued 22 survivors and three deceased from Alaska Ranger. Coast Guard Cutter Monro picked up 20 survivors and one deceased from Alaska Ranger.

"This is one of the largest search and rescues cases in our recent history with 42 survivors saved from the frigid waters of Alaska" said Captain Mike Inman, Chief of Response for the Coast Guard 17th District in Juneau, Alaska.

Four fishermen died and one remains missing, including reports that one man may have sustained life threatening injuries during the rescue effort.

Salmon benefit dinner to be held March 27

JUNEAU - Trout Unlimited's WhyWild Salmon Benefit Dinner will be held March 27 at the Juneau Yacht Club from 6-8:30p.m. to kick off the upcoming salmon season.

WhyWild is a community of salmon consumers, businesses, fishermen and others interested in the education and advocacy of wild Pacific salmon and their habitat.

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