PUBLISHED: 5:28 PM on Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Patient access services department: 'The first to serve'
When seeking healthcare needs, Bartlett Regional Hospital (BRH) is ready to address the expected and unexpected. You will be received by Patient Access Service professionals whose knowledge and skills will expedite your registration/admission process. Staff is committed to creating and maintaining a courteous, warm and empathetic environment which is the goal of BRH.

The Patient Access Service (PAS) department is often responsible for providing patient and visitors with their first impression of the hospital. PAS Representatives and Specialists make first impressions their priority. This enables them to be the face of the entire hospital and the "first to serve." They work as a team to provide you with patient satisfaction.

Courtesy Photo
  Back row left to right: Angelita Rivera, Michele Brainard, Sheila Bateman, Karen Raysin. Center row left to right: Bonnie Gee, Beverly Jones, Sheryl Love. Front row left to right: Stacy Morehouse, Alena Craigova. Not pictured: Amanda Aceves, Tina Abbot, Tawny Coppick, Katie Crossley, Mike Dziuba, Chelsea Hains, April Highley, Mary Lee Isaak, Staci Martin, Michele McCracken, Cindy Neff, Colette Oliver, Jennifer Rodriquez, and Kyle Welch.
"We work diligently on guest relations", says Patient Access Supervisor Beverly Jones.

"Patients and families coming into our hospital are often in a stressful situation. Our job is to ease their concerns in a caring and efficient manner."

Besides meeting the need of the patient, PAS is responsible for the integrity of patient demographic and insurance information that will be utilized by other departments within the hospital. Patients will be asked to verify all demographic information each time they register to ensure that BRH has the most current information. The registration/admission process is very quick and takes as little as 3 to 10 minutes.

You will be asked to provide all insurance cards and sign a consent form during your registration/admission. We are required to ask you about Advance Directives and religious preference. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, there is a Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire that we are required to complete as well.

PAS Representatives and Specialists are well trained professionals who have career opportunities to become Certified Healthcare Access Associates with the National Association of Healthcare Access Management. The training enables an individual to be proficient in federal and state compliance applications, revenue cycle management, financial counseling and customer service.

Last year BRH admitted 2,579 inpatients with an average length of stay of 3 days. In an average day, the PAS department will handle 115 registrations which include outpatient physician referrals, emergency services and admissions. During the access process of registering or being admitted patients often feel apprehensive and need support. "When people aren't feeling well we need to be quick, accurate and above all friendly", access staff member Karen Raysin noted. Our main priority is to balance efficiency with large doses of caring and concern. Tawny Coppick, defines the most rewarding part of her job as being the first person someone gets to see when coming to the hospital, "I get to set the mood for a great experience at the hospital." Another staff member Sheryl Love states. "I feel good at the end of the day when I know I was able to make a difference in a person's outlook by cheering them up or ease worries by being there to answer questions." These individuals are committed team members in PAS providing you professional service.

Patient Access Service is approaching National Healthcare Access Personnel Week, March 30-April 5. Bartlett Regional Hospital wishes to acknowledge their Representatives and Specialists in the PAS Department for initiating the caring spirit to serve that exists among all our hospital staff.