PUBLISHED: 1:46 PM on Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Celebrate the spring with Creamy Cheescakes

Creamy and mouthwateringly yummy, cheesecake is still America's favorite dessert, popular with both restaurant chefs and home cooks. And what better season than spring to celebrate its lighter texture and warm colors? Serve your homemade cheesecake proudly on a cake stand or plate, garnished simply with fresh berries, chocolate shavings, edible spring flower blossoms or paper-thin slices of citrus fruit.

Cheesecake certainly looks luscious, but it's the taste and texture that are the true hallmarks of this dessert. Cheesecake can take on just about any palate-pleasing flavor, from citrus, berry or orchard fruits to nuts, coffee and chocolate. Yet it's the silky smooth texture that is the real standout. Achieving this rich creaminess is easy when you use sweetened condensed milk, a classic dessert staple as convenient as your pantry or grocery store shelves.

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