PUBLISHED: 1:49 PM on Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Charles Rohrbacher

Icons, relief prints, drawings and cartoons. Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Gallery, 206 N. Franklin St., Monday-Friday 12-4pm, or call 586-ARTS for special showings.

Michael Reid Hunter's Keen Stuff

Second part in the Juneau-Douglas City Museum's "Juneau Collectors" series. Mon-Sat: Noon-4. 586-3572.

12" x 12"

An installation of ephemeral art by local artists, created within 12 square inches directly on the gallery wall at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. Artists got started March 4th and continue through the month.

Watercolors from the Permanent Collection

Juneau-Douglas City Museum, through the summer. 586-3572.

Michelle Morrell

this month's featured artist at Juneau Artists Gallery. Also work by the other 24 local artists. Senate Building, 175 S. Franklin St., Suite 111. Shows 9 am-9 pm, daily.

Ocean Home

Alaska State Museum. Documentary project of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council that explores the values, traditions and visions of coastal Alaskans whose ways of life and livelihoods depend on a healthy ocean. This compelling exhibit features black and white portraits by Alan Parks and

essays by Wendy Erd. March 4-April 16.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Alaska State Museum. Images and objects from the museum's permanent collection that feature, ice, snow, glaciers and cold weather activities. Included are paintings, photographs and a variety of outdoor gear (including a sealskin bathing suit). Through April.

Rarefied Light 2004

Annual statewide juried photographic exhibition featuring 52 photographs by 35 Alaska photographers. Guest juror, Ryuijie, of Monterey, California, selected this year's exhibition, which was organized by the Alaska Photographic Center in Anchorage. Through April 16.