PUBLISHED: 4:36 PM on Wednesday, March 21, 2007
'Tommy' now showing at Perseverance

Photo by Flordelino Lagundino
  Enrique Bravo as Captain Walker and Ian Andrews as 10-year-old Tommy in The Who's "Tommy," which is now showing at Perseverance Theatre through April 22.
The Who's "Tommy," directed by artistic director PJ Paparelli is now showing at Perseverance Theatre. A fantastic journey into the mind of a young boy, "Tommy" tells the story of a boy who, after witnessing a murder involving his parents, turns inward and stops seeing, hearing and speaking.

After desperate attempts by his parents to restore his senses, he miraculously discovers happiness by playing pinball, and quickly escalates into a cult figure for his generation.

"Tommy" features the legendary music of The Who, including the hit songs "Pinball Wizard," "I'm Free," and "See Me, Feel Me/Listening to You."

The cast of "Tommy" includes Perseverance Theatre Company Members Rory Stitt, Flordelino Lagundino, Ericka Lee, and Ben Brown, as well as Ian Andrews, Quinn White, Salissa Cooper, Junior Davidson, Brandon Demery, Jerry Demmert, Jennifer Lagundino, Eliza Soule Evans, Enrique Bravo, and a company of performers from around the country.

"Tommy" reunites the band from "Hair" and "Hedwig and The Angry Inch," including Juneau's own Sammy Burrous, Darin Jensen, Michael Maas, Dale McFarlin, Jill Taylor, and Simon Taylor.