Winter wind yowls at the window.
Winter Wind 031914 SPEAKINGOUT 1 Capital City Weekly Winter wind yowls at the window.
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Winter Wind

Winter wind yowls at the window.

Like a hexadactal cat,

it teases and tortures the frame

and with freakish strength,

demands entrance and subservience.

Winter wind hammers ancient hemlocks.

Like a smithy's monstrous maul,

it batters muscled boughs,

twists them into grotesque shapes,

and slams them shattered to earth.

Winter wind fouls feathered flight.

Like a jealous suitor,

it offers the fretful swallow a soothing lift,

the regal eagle a lofty view and with sudden violence, dispatches both in graceless stalls.

Winter wind decorates channel swells.

Like a playful waif,

it dances across the roiling surface,

whipping crests into salty froth and with skirls of spray,

heckles the foolhardy mariner.

Winter wind defines the season.

Like a shrieking harridan,

it scours the icy basin of its birth,

screams through rocky defiles and with a final rippling trill,

lies spent on the ocean plane.

By Richard Brigman