PUBLISHED: 2:29 PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Winter-X Games with fun for all kinds of species
The Winter-X Games at Eaglecrest last weekend brought quite a bit of sealife up on the mountainslopes. The Dummy race drew quite a few creative minds, despite its name, and racers were rewarded for Best Crash, Best Theme Costume and Best Overall Run.

The Winter-X Games also featured more "traditional" ski races, both downhill and cross country, an Xtreme Team Relay with four members -E one alpine Skier, one snow-boarder, one telemark skier, and one member on the team's choice of downhill gear.

The fun weekend at Eaglecrest also included music and a barbecue.

  Spike the shark on the slopes.

  Downhill dummy competition: What on earth is that animal?

  Downhill dummy competition: Snowboarding salmon.