PUBLISHED: 2:29 PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Dog & Cat Artshow prizes awarded
The KTOO Dog and Cat Art Show will be on display at KTOO through the month of March. Award winners and prizes for the exhibit were:

Student Awards ($10 cash, courtesy Douglas Island Veterinary Service and Dr. Elizabeth Wolfe): Kieran Poulson-Edwards, CyAnne Abigail Garcia, Tiernan Skye O'Malley, Farrah Donis and Christian E. Jacobsen

$25 Gift Certificate from the Wee Fishie Shoppe: Marion Simpson

The Other Side of the Leash book: Gordon Sandy, Jon Tillinghast, Pat Kalbaugh

Dog Training Video: Kristi Allen

Designer Frames: Skip Gray, Linda Van Horn

Groom Room Visits: Julia Carlisle

Cat Caviar (courtesy Gasti-neau Humane Society): Bonnie Goodrich, Wendy Rabung, Sauri Rae Dain, Ellen Anderson

Science Diet Dog Food (courtesy Juneau Veterinary Hospital): Pat Kalbaugh, Dianne Anderson

Gastineau Humane Society Shirt: Dianne Anderson, Ceann Murphy

KTOO Shirt: Kaitlyn Bausler, Julia Klein

Wood Notepad (courtesy Grateful Dogs of Juneau): Elise Tomlinson

Bow Wow Playing Cards (courtesy Grateful Dogs of Juneau): Alan Munro

Gift Certificates from the Gastineau Humane Society: Nicole Hartman, John Kelly, Sally Donaldson, Nancy Brown, Alice Teersteg, Phyllice Bradner, Sharon Lobaugh, Damon Stuebner, Marsha Bennett, Barbara Greening, Chris Isett, Leoma "Lee" Pontious.