PUBLISHED: 4:53 PM on Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Douggie: The Playful Pup Who Became a Sled Dog Hero
Review by Naomi Judd
Douggie is a dog that doesn't give up. Despite his extraneous energy, which at times can lead him into trouble. He pulls through in the hardest of times to complete an epic 325-mile journey to the magnetic north pole in author Pam Flowers' "Douggie: The Playful Pup Who Became a Sled Dog Hero." In this true story, Flowers never loses faith in Douggie and in turn they become a remarkable sledding team.

The double page illustrations will feed your eyes with fresh brush-strokes that depict the harsh environments and even an encounter with a polar bear on their northbound journey. Eyes will ogle the serene arctic colors brought forth through the pages of this book. The book also includes an educational map of the sledding journey.

Flowers a Talkeetna resident and author blends her story perfectly with the illustrations by Jon Van Zyle, of Eagle River. Van Zyle has been the official artist of the Iditarod for nearly thirty years and painted the illustrations for more than 20 books. Both author and illustrator are previous Iditarod runners - transferring their life experiences into their arts.

"Douggie" touches on bravery, persistence, growth and teamwork. This is an enjoyable read for all ages, especially as we follow the Iditarod currently in progress!